The Pic du Midi d'Ossau
I reached the top of Pic Peyreget with all smiles. It was a great day with great weather. and lots of time. I didn't think that I would be here again, so I spent a few hours just taking it all in. Only after descending 500 m to Pombie, did I realize I had forgetten all of my food up at the very top (the green/grey stuffsack looked like a rock).  It was a mad dash (literally) all the way back up...

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My name is Dorian, an avid adventurer from Toronto, Canada,  currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I am a robotics research engineer by trade and a photographer by passion. I picked up my first dSLR in 2010 and have thoroughly enjoyed using it ever since. I'm originally I am always looking for adventure and a life that's always interesting, challenging and exciting!

If you are interested in opportunities, collaboration, or just want to say "hi", feel free to contact me via the Contact tab on the left.

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